"...the only title in our democracy superior to that of President, the title of citizen." --President Jimmy Carter 1981

Stillwater Speaks is a group of citizens giving their time to foster citizen involvement in public decision making through deliberative forums.

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The Stillwater Public Library is working with several local groups to hold quarterly forums over issues of concern to the community. The broad organization is called "Stillwater Speaks" and includes representatives from the Stillwater Public Library, The Edmon Low Library (OSU), Stillwater Public Schools, and the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

Some of the benefits of Public Deliberation:

  • The deliberative process can ultimately help people find productive and complementary ways to act on public problems
  • Deliberation connects people, even people with conflicting interests, in ways that allow them to make decisions and act in regard to problems or challenging circumstances
  • Delibration may reveal new possibilities for action that individuals alone did not see before

Upcoming Events

There are no events currently scheduled.